Tuesday, May 6, 2014

As Stanley would say, ‘Let me give you a piece of my mind...’

So the first real week of work has come and gone, and we have all been thoroughly exhausted by the experience. One of the main challenges the team has been battling this week has been a series of power cuts that leave not only laptop batteries depleted, but also our office something akin to a furnace! However, having been graciously invited to the central IS office in Ouaga the team could take advantage of a generator to crack on with their work.
This week the team has been mainly concerned with the final polish of the English version of the report produced by previous cohorts, entitled ‘An evaluation of the capacities, resources and infrastructure of the Burkinabe Association for Disability Sport (FBSPH) and its affiliated disability sports clubs in Burkina Faso.’ The report will be key to the work of this cohort, as it will serve as a useful tool with which to approach potential sponsors and partners on behalf of the Federation. While Stanley and Dielika have been focussing on adding the final amendments to the French version Robert has been starting to draft an executive summary from the English various, with a view to sending it to potential partner organisations.

Meanwhile Rihannon, the lone wolf of the group, has been pressing ahead collating all of the potential partnership organisations found by other cohorts, and researching potential new leads. Her work will serve as the starting point for much of the rest of our time in Burkina, and will help us to work with the Federation in order to understand their priorities while strengthening our already strong working relationship.
While overall a successful week, it was clear that the English volunteers had depleted what reserves of energy they had brought with them. Com the week’s end there was an audible sigh of relief, interspersed with light snoring from those who had taken advantage of work’s end to start their power nap. All will be looking forward to a good weekend’s rest, ready to start afresh come Monday, with all fingers and toes crossed for a little bit of electricity.

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