Friday, October 24, 2014

It's all happening this week

It’s all happening this week
So this week has been our first week working in with a partner school every day. We have run lots of sports sessions and awareness raising sessions. We have worked with a school for children who are blind and visually impaired, we have worked with a school for children who are deaf and hearing impaired and we have also worked with one of Ougadougou’s mixed ability secondary schools. Also this week has entailed lots of planning and even some equipment making. It’s been a really busy but enlightening week. With that said, here are a few reflections from the HSB Sports Inclusive team.
Lycee Montagne
So this week was our first awareness raising session at Lycee Montagne, the comprehensive school in which some children from ABPAM graduate to. This was one of our first opportunities to see how youths actually feel about people with disabilities. We hear a lot about the general public opinion of people with disabilities which is old fashioned and discriminatory but we haven’t actually had the chance to speak to people about it yet. The session was very enlightening. Although I couldn’t understand everything the children said it was fairly obvious that they had differing opinions to the public opinion. They believed that people without disabilities had many similarities to that of people with disabilities in that every person struggled with something or had something that made their lives difficult. They were shocked at some of the pictures we showed of Paralympic athletes but gained a further understanding of the capabilities of people with disabilities. Most of the children were positive and seemed to be enjoying learning about people with disabilities. It gave me a sense of achievement to know that I was with this organisation and able to provide these children with an education that would hopefully enhance the rights and treatment of people with disabilities. I’m excited to keep going with these lessons and look forward to seeing these children widen their viewpoints on people with disabilities. GO US. Abbie 
On Monday, 20 October at 11 O’clock our team was in Lycée Montaigne for awareness raising. We did it with the pupils in class 6èm (14-15yrs), there were 60 students. When we started they were shy but after a while they participated more, we ask them many questions about the rights of disabled people but they did not know because of their young age. At the end they said that they enjoyed because they learnt many new things such as disabled person can do sport.
On Thursday, 22 October at 11 O’clock we were at Lycée Montaigne to do raising awareness with the older students (17+) there were 22 students, the session was more interactive because they tried each time to find the answers to our questions, they promise to become the ambassadors in their community to promote the rights of disabled people. At the end we take RDV with them for next week in order to do the practice of some disabled people sport. They enjoyed.  Biba
Awareness raising at Lycee Montagne

Hi All,

The HSB Sports Inclusive team has resumed its activities in schools after three months of vacation. The team for sports inclusive education had sessions at Cefise on Monday 20th of October 2014 with class CM2. In the programme we threw tennis balls, conducted a relay and played cones and dishes. The children appreciated the different activities that we played on the first day.

On Tuesday, It was class CM1’s turn to do sport. We had four activities for this programme. We had ball throwing, a relay course, cones and dishes and under and over.

On the last morning of the week at Cefise we had class CE2. The class were split into four groups and we played the same games as the day before.  They were happy and excited to return to sport after three months of vacation

The next session we do will include new activities which should excite the students.   Deliqua


Breaking out the power tools

This week Abbie and I got given the opportunity to venture down to Ross’ workshop or home depending on your frame of mind. His house is decorated with African prayer mats and rugs which makes his living space vibrant and homely, he also has cats which he feeds and cares for. We kicked off work by creating zoom-balls   (2 bottles that have been trimmed and fitted together so that a rope can be passed through the necks of each thus connecting them). As Abbie utilised her skills in papier-mâché, Ross taught me how to use his power tools so that I was able to make the wooden handles for the zoom-balls. As we worked we listened to a French radio that had the odd English song thrown in, Ross also supplied us with a steady stream of tea and biscuits whilst he cracked on with some work inside. Abbie also had a go at the creation of the handles, she took to it well, whilst I mumbled motivation in the shade between mouthfuls of biscuits. Tom

So lots of sessions and activities this week. The team love teaching the sports sessions and love running the awareness raising sessions. We feel that by interacting not only with the people who suffer with disabilities but also with people who may have formed a particular opinion or have no education about people with disabilities, we are able to make some form of impact. We look forward to carrying on our sessions and hope to develop our own work into something that can make a real difference to the treatment of people with disabilities in Burkina Faso. We’ll let you know how things go. Bye

HSB Sport Inclusive Team

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