Friday, October 17, 2014

Prep and Go - Week 3

Week 3 – Prep and Go!!

This week has been so busy. Not only have we had to prepare to run our sports sessions but immediately after we had to run them. Quite the high pressured week. However along with the pressure of preparation comes the sense of achievement in actually following through with the sessions. Here’s how the team feel about our busy week:

New Cohort, New Games

On Tuesday morning the new Inclusive Sport team came up with their own adapted version of the popular children’s game Connect 4. At first we found it easier suggesting games which were suitable for children with hearing impairments than those with visual impairments. After much discussion and a few practices of our activity we managed to arrive at a game which is fun and can easily be played by all children.  Also, we had to think about the phrases we could use and how to explain our game with the obvious language barrier in French and Mooré. This was solved with a language exchange lesson with the National Volunteers where the UK volunteers learnt useful words such as throw the ball “lancez la balle.” Now we have the vocab and activities to start our sports sessions. Anna

Wheelchair Basketball Session

This week we attended a training session for HSB’s wheelchair basketball team. We were only there to observe this session so that we could identify any issues within the team and work on some drills or training methods that can help them improve. At first the team looked as if they needed a lot of help, however when looking closer it was easy to pick out certain players strengths. Every team member had something to offer whether it be defence, dribbling skills, or shooting. Almost like a diamond in the rough sort of team. We have already started to think about the drills we could teach which would benefit all of the team’s players.

    One thing that struck me immediately was the state of the wheelchairs that they were playing in. It is clearly evident that the quality of the wheelchairs inhibit players’ movement and skills on the basketball court. We will hopefully be putting some fundraising sessions together so that they are able to get better wheelchairs. I’m looking forward to going back next week with some fresh ideas. Let’s polish these diamonds J. Abbie
ABPAM Sports Sessions

On Thursday 16th October the HSB Sports Inclusive team went to ABPAM for our first sports session, there was a group of 40 children and the majority were blind or visuallyimpaired. We started at 7.30am and the session lasted until 9.15. We kicked off with a warm-up session followed by some stretches to make sure everyone was fully awake. Next we played some goalball, ran a guided relay course and did some balancing exercises. When we finished the session at ABPAM the atmosphere was good, so we will see the children again tomorrow for the other session. The session the following day saw only the younger children take part, it was very good and we did relay and balance activities. It was with beaming faces that the children re-joined their classes at 8am. Bring on next week and the next session at ABPAM.  Kabré


As the second working week in Burkina Faso comes to an end, I have an enlightening sense of achievement. Despite being mildly ill all week - probably due to a lack of effort around the hand sanitizer on my apart – I still feel that as a team we have accomplished our week’s objectives. The highlight for me was our work at ABPAM School, the school for blind and visually impaired children. On the Thursday of this week we hosted a 2 and a half our session at the school, I ran two activities which both involved balance, in the first activity the children had to balance on wooden boards that a previous cohort had made and in the second the children had to balance a tennis ball on a racket and walk across the courtyard without it falling off. What I discovered by running these activities was that the children that were blind had a better sense of balance and self-awareness then the children that were visually impaired. Also something I found incredibly impressive during my second activity, was that when the tennis ball fell off the racket the children often managed to catch the ball on the second or third bounce despite his or her visual impairment. Overall I’m excited to continue work at ABPAM and I am looking forward to starting work elsewhere also.  Tom


So there you have it, lots of achievement. The team has had such a good week and although at some points we faced challenges such as game adaptations and language barriers we worked through it and feel great in doing so. We can already tell that our time here will be amazing and will allow us to accomplish so much. We’ll keep you updated!!

HSB Sports Inclusive Team

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