Monday, November 3, 2014

Culture exchange at Deilika's

Culture exchange at Deilika's
So last week the UK volunteers here at HSB Sport Inclusive completed another home visit. This time we went to Delika’s house all together. We had the opportunity to eat, meet the family and see the surrounding area. It was an amazing experience that we were all happy to reflect upon for you.
Last weekend the HSB Sports Inclusive UK volunteers visited Delika’s house, one of our national volunteers. I didn’t really know what to expect when we left in the morning but was pleasantly surprised at how amazing the trip turned out to be. When we got to Delika’s house I was almost star stuck at how large the house was. It was massive compared to the house I visited last weekend. Not only that but it was gorgeously furnished with lots of African statues and art pieces. Delika was dressed head to toe in traditional African dress which only added to the adoration I felt upon arrival. While we were there we met Delika’s stunning 16 month old daughter Latifa. Although she was a bit frightened of us at first, most likely because of our skin colour, she soon settled into her friendly, giggly self. The day was really enjoyable. We had some amazing food, bissap (a drink made out of hibiscus), we met her lovely family and we also got to take a stroll around her village. All in all Dielika made us feel welcome from the offset and ensured that we had a brilliant day. Hopefully she’ll have us back again before we leave Burkina. Abbie
The weekend just gone we journeyed to Dielikas house for lunch and a chat. The area in which she lived seemed quiet and pleasant. I was blown away by her house the second we pulled up and walked in; it was a maison that would have suited a wealthy London suburb. We met Dielaka’s daughter named Latifa, who was a bubbly character that seemed to warm to everyone bar me – just one of those faces I guess… We enjoyed a delicious lunch which was fish and a cuss cuss est carb. Overall Dielikas warm welcome into her life was very well received and fun! Thanks Dielika!! Tom
Hi everybody,
Saturday morning I was very happy because my colleagues volunteers visited me. Cat, Abbie, Anna and Tom arrived at 10h o’clock and we passed 4hours together. We discussed, watched TV, ate a 12h and went around the local area. The children of my area were surprised and very happy to see Nazara. Some of them accompanied us during our post-lunch stroll. The weather was too hot so we didn’t last outside. We came back home after 15mn of walk and drank water and soda because we were thirty and tired. We had a great moment and I will be very happy to do it again. Delika
On our arrival at Dielika’s the team’s first impressions were very good! Dielika’s house was different to the other houses the team had visited, her house was huge! Dielika had pre-prepared some Bisap which was very tasty and we got to meet her beautiful daughter Latifa who cried at the sight of Tom. Dielika had prepared us a traditional Ivorian dish called Attieke, which the team all enjoyed tucking in to. After our meal we went for a walk around Dielika’s village, it was very hot and we got caught in a sandstorm but we had a lovely morning all together and I look forward to visiting again! Anna
Abbie, Anna, Deilika and Tom
So there you have it. As a team we have bonded so well and love to be in the company of each other even outside of the office. It was so nice of Dielika to have us around and hopefully she will host again, so that we can have some more of her wonderful food J
Bye for now
HSB Sports Inclusive Team.

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