Monday, November 17, 2014

Getting Things Done

Getting things done

How does one arrange a schedule to fit in a million and one things? Easily: here in the HSB Sports Inclusive office we’ve become pro’s at it. This week we took it upon ourselves to do everything we possibly could to ensure a productive week. We made equipment, we taught sports classes every day, we led some very engaging awareness raising sessions and some of us visited the welding workshop and we took lots and lots of pictures in preparation for our final week film showing. We’re getting a bit down about how little time we have left on the project so were definitely making sure we have as much fun as possible now. Here are our week’s reflections:

Welding Worksop

Since I’ve been working at HSB I’ve been nagging to visit the welding workshop, which is the place set up by people with disabilities where they make disability equipment. This week me and Anna got to go to the workshop along with the HSB team. I loved it there. When we arrived we were welcomed by every member of the team with massive smiles and then given a special tea which to be fair I didn’t like but still appreciated the gesture. The men there took half an hour off work to just sit around and chat to us and listen to some reggae music. We looked around the workshop and I was amazed at how they could make so much equipment (handibikes, wheelchairs and adapted motorbikes) with such little resources. And the work they do requires so much labour; I honestly don’t know how they manage. But all are there with big smiles and you can tell that they love their work. I really appreciate being given the opportunity to visit the workshop and hope to see the guys again sometime soon. Abbie

Welding Workshop
Equipment Production

On Tuesday 12/11/2014 the HSB Sports Inclusive team went to Ross’ house, one of the coordinaters in International Service. We went there to produce more materials that are helpfull in our activities. While there we made some of the components for the zoomballs. It was a good experience and we will be going back for another 3 hours another time. Kabr√©


Lycee Montagne

After having completed the classroom sessions at Lycee it was now time to have a crack at the physical sessions. The idea behind the construction of the activities was to give the students an insight on what it’s like to have a handicap and thus they would be able to develop the empathetic skill regarding handicapped individuals. The three activities we organised were: No.1 blindfolded running following a cord stretched out between two volunteers, No.2 the students stand in a line holding altered pringle tubes and they must pass a ball from one end to the other using their given utensil – however some students are blindfolded or have their hands covered by socks or can’t stand up etc and the final activity No.3 was blindfolded Goalball. The students took to the activities with extreme enthusiasm and surprised themselves with the difficulty behind each one, I felt like this side of the awareness sessions were a lot more effective than the less involved classroom versions. Tom

Sign Language at Cefise

HSB Sports Inclusive team has added another string to its bow. Indeed, Wednesday, November 12, we  started sign language with the Director of CEFISE - Benaiah Ms. Therese Kafando . These courses help us facilitate communication with deaf and hard of hearing students during our sports sessions. This is actually not very complicated as it might seem at first glance; just be really attentive and eager to learn. We enjoyed a lot this session and look forward to the next. I’m looking forward to the next session. Dielika

Leaders De Demain

On Friday 14th November the HSB Inclusive Sport team went to Leaders De Demain for 2 practical awareness raising sessions. The first session went really well and the students got actively involved in goal ball, the tube game and blindfolded relay races. The students learnt what it would be like to live with a disability and understood the difficulties people may face during the activities. After the session all the pupils wanted group photos and we were more than happy to oblige.

The second class took part in the same activities with the only difference being this time it was in the heat of the midday sunshine. With sweat pouring from our faces (as usual in Burkina) the team powered through! Everyone got involved and thoroughly enjoyed our awareness session. It was great to see the students get so involved and open up when discussing people who live with disabilities. Again the session ended with some group photos and we left the school having made friendships with the students of Leaders.  Anna

Goalball at Leaders
Disability Teamwork Exercise
Dielika Teaching Goalball
Group Picture
Group Picture
So as you can see we’ve had lots to keep us occupied this week. The office is in good spirits and we’re all loving work right now. The next few weeks will be just as busy and just as fun. Don’t worry we’ll keep you all in the loop. Until next time!!

HSB Sports Inclusive Team

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