Thursday, November 13, 2014

Home Visit to Biba's

Home Visit to Biba’s

So this weekend the UK volunteers here at HSB Sport Inclusive visited Biba’s house for the day. As usual we were all excited for the visit, there’s not a home visit that we haven’t loved yet and Biba’s definitely didn’t disappoint. Here are our reflections on the day:

Visiting Biba’s house on Saturday was so much fun. We helped prepare the food/banquet which involved cutting veggies, grinding herbs and garlic, mixing salad dressing and washing lettuce (and by washing I mean soaking, bleaching and then re soaking). We also got the opportunity to help make some bissap, a drink made from hibiscus leaves. Although the hours of preparation and  cooking may sound like a bit of a drag it was actually really fun . Lots of Biba’s and her husband’s friends come around and it turned into a bit of a barbeque. I don’t have one complaint from that day and would love to go around again before we leave. Thanks for the fab day Biba!! Abbie


On Saturday 8th November the team visited Biba’s house as part of our ICS home exchange. When we arrived we were welcomed by Biba, her husband and her friends that would be spending the day with us. Earlier in the week we had promised Biba that we would help prepare the food ready for our meal later, we began by washing lots of lettuce, chopping vegetables, and I even got to see how my favourite local drink Bisap is made – with Biba’s secret ingredient! After the Bisap was ready I received a master class in how to tie the Bisap into satchets and let me tell you it is not as easy as it looks!

At Biba’s the atmosphere was amazing we all had such a lovely day as the team felt so welcomed by Biba and her friends, we all relaxed into the surroundings and felt comfortable the whole day. The food we had prepared was incredible fish, alouko (fried banana), chips, salad and even crepes for dessert. We had even prepared bubble and squeak for Biba so she could try some English food which people helped themselves to more than once so that clearly went down a treat.

After an amazing day the team didn’t want to leave and we hope for another invite to Biba’s in the near future! Thank you Biba! :D Anna

Packing the Bissap

Last  Saturday 08/11/2014 I receive the British volunteers  of HSB Sports Inclusive team  (Cat,Abbie,Anna,and Tom)and one of HSB team(Melanie).They bring with them british food which name is bubble and squeek cooked by Abbie and Anna;Burkinabè people try it and found it very good!!!!!! We cook togother some food like alloco,salad,fish and bissap which is local juice;during the cooking we play a game, 21 questions.  At 18h we ate togother the food that we cook,every one enjoyed  it!!!!! Biba

On Saturday we visited Biba’s house. I set off on the visit just after I chowed down on a Pain Anglais in a maque close to Jiggy. We arrived at Bibas cosy well decorated house, where we saw 3 corny but very cute marriage photos of Biba and Francois that involved portraits, doves and roses. We met Francois whom was both funny and relaxed, these are also two words which I would use to describe Biba. We also met a woman who I believe was a family friend named Marie Louise, the men whilst we ate kept trying to convince the two of us to get married, which was well received. After all the vegetable peeling competitions between me and Francois for food preparation, a colleague of Francois’ appeared and they offered me to go and buy a car with them, it turns out they bought a 4 wheel drive white Toyota truck; this was possibly the manliest thing I have done in Burkina so far apart from playing Rugby. We ate and I kid you not it was one of the best fish dishes I have had in my entire life. During and after the meal there was a lot of laughter and everyone got on swimmingly, the atmosphere of the meal was informal and relaxed which was a joy; the men even poured me two glasses of whisky once I had finished my meal, which I didn’t complain about. My only regret of the day was that we couldn’t stay longer! Tom

All in all, Saturday turned out to be a great success. While were doing these home visits were not only getting the opportunity to spend some more time with each other but we also get to meet the families and friends of our national volunteers, get a closer glimpse of Burkinabe culture and eat amazing food!! I'll upload some pics on Monday. See you all soonJ

HSB Sport Inclusive Team

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