Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Farewell from cohort 10

It’s all over

So as our project comes to an end everyone has had a chance to reflect on our time here. We’ve all had a brilliant time on the project and have learnt a lot from each other. This past three months has had us learning different languages and also learning about each other’s cultures. We’re sad to be leaving the project but have all had an amazing experience. Here’s what the team think:

The 10 -month placement went well overall. The beginning was a bit difficult because of misunderstandings between FBSPH and IS. Since July, things have evolved better and it is with a heavy heart that I see the end of the placement. I felt great joy in seeing the children happy in participating in disability sport. If I could, I  would do it again . Good luck to the ICS program and the entire team of IS Burkina   Dielika

As we come to an end of our 3 month placement with only 5 days left this will be our final blog post. After having no internet for 2 weeks there are a few things for you to catch up with. These blog posts have allowed you to see the journey we’ve been on and I hope that’s been as enjoyable for you as it has for us, and for that we thank HSB and ICS. Last week we ran our community awareness raising event in Ouagadougou, where the team demonstrated our inclusive sports activities to over 150 members of the community. Everyone got involved and we were able to show how people with physical disabilities can be included in society through the development of inclusive sport. After our activities the HSB wheelchair basketball team gave a demonstration in what turned out to be a very close and exciting game of wheelchair basketball. After the demonstration Papa Wemba treated everyone to a performance where he sang and entertained the crowd.  On Friday we visited ABPAM for our last sports session where we got the opportunity to take part in Goalball. Let me tell you it’s much harder than it looks and the children made no mistake in letting me know how rubbish I was by laughing at my attempts to play. A very enjoyable last session and I will be sad to leave the children that we have all become attached to.  Anna
Anna playing goalball at ABPAM
Wheelchair Basketball Demonstration


Pappa Wemba Performing

Three months have already passed and it is now the end of placement. The three months were rich in action in the sense that the team do a lot of inclusive sports sessions, a lot of awareness on disability with establishments such as Lycée Montaigne and Lycée Leaders de Demain etc ... so it was a positive personal experience and also allowed me to expand my circle of acquaintances and keys of new horizons. The team works in a well together and in high spirits and our results confirms this. At the end of placement it is with a sense of duty fulfilled I yield the IS torch to future volunteers.  Kabré

As our placement of a lifetime draws to a close, we must now reflect on our time here. Overall it has been a rollercoaster of emotions, a sparkling cocktail of events and a buffet of experience. I have enjoyed every second of this placement and it has influenced me to see more of the world before I settle into anything solid. I have grown a monumental attachment to Burkinabe people and the country itself, and I wish that one day I have the opportunity to return. Burkina Faso is a country that most people – normal people have little or no knowledge about… I used to be one of them. I find it fascinating that a country that is glorified in travel brochures could hide so much beauty; it gives an unspoiled sparkle that I feel honoured to be able to tap into.

Thank you Faso.     Thomas Hamilton-Cox


Ah already the end !!!!!!!!! Oh nooo!

It’s my fourth and last placement, I enjoyed my last three months because my team is nice and we work very well together. My last team leader is so kind and I want to wish her good luck for the next. I never forget my 12 months as an ICS volunteer, thanks ICS program for that.  Biba


So somehow ten weeks have passed and I’m at the end of my placement here in Burkina Faso. I can’t believe how fast it has gone but you know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun. I have had an amazing time here and have absolutely loved my project and all the people involved. The project has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people who never let their disabilities get them down. I think that’s one thing I will definitely take home with me. Seeing both adults and children with disabilities who to be fair to them have such a hard life, constantly smiling reminds me that I should see the best of every situation. These people have such a positive outlook on life even though they have to face so much every day. Some of the women I have met face dangerous situations, have to attend to every aspect of family life (cooking, cleaning and ensuring the wellbeing of their husbands and children) and also have to work long hours to make a living. Some of the children I have met face constant discrimination but always have smiles on their faces and enjoy everything they do. All in all it has taught me to see the positive in all situations and to make sure I enjoy everything I do. We could all take a lesson from these people and stop moaning about the trivial things that bother us.   Abbie

Our final goodbye at Cefise School

So as you can see, we have all loved our time here and are sad to say that it is over. I believe we have made great friendships that will last a long time. The opportunities this project has given us are endless and everyone will take away the memories of a life time. This is the last blog post from cohort 10 and I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about our experience here. We hope cohort 11 has an amazing time and enjoys every second of their time here. Aurevoir

HSB Inclusive Sport Team

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