Thursday, May 28, 2015

Trial and Error

HSB-ISD began their week with a visit to CEFISE on Monday and trialled a game of capture the flag. It was very clear that the children enjoyed the new game; however more rules and boundaries would be needed for the game to be used in CEFISE’s surroundings and for the excitable children to be safe!

After CEFISE on Tuesday morning the HSB-ISD staff got to venture out of the office, Iain, Jehu and Hassan went and handed out flyers for HSB which had information containing all of their work on it, whilst Gwladys, Mary and Rowan went with Natasha and Dielika to the Grand Marche to buy some more arts and craft equipment for ABPAM. After, they visited ‘Super Fit Gym Club’ who kindly donated 3 aerobic mats for Mary to use for her gymnastic sessions. She cautiously trialled them the following day and they were a great success!

Mary trying out the new mats with the pupils of CEFISE
The choice of topic for Wednesdays discussion was “Peace & Conflict” presented by Iain and Jehu. This was a very interesting topic and followed on with a lot of discussions afterwards, mainly with the main questions being, ‘Is England a peaceful country or not?’ or ‘Is it acceptable for the Burkinabes to catch and beat thieves to an inch of their lives/to death?’ We learnt that this was because firstly if there has been a robbery the police take a long while to respond and secondly if they were to be put into prison , it is very unlikely they would be in there for all their sentence and they would most likely come out to steal from the same area again. To finish the day, Rowan, Iain and Jehu helped out with the wheelchair basketball in the evening – they have the championships next week, so we have really stepped the training intensity up recently!

Thursday and Friday we followed on with our normal sports at ABPAM, following on with arts and craft sessions. This would be the final sessions they had until the planned exhibition of all their work to be held next week.

Mohamed, an ABPAM pupil using the new 3D paint for his mask we purchased on Tuesday
Overall due to having almost no power all week, it was a very frustrating week whilst in the office. The sport sessions outside the office were as per usual very enjoyable and we are very glad with our new sourced equipment! We now realise how much work left we have to do in so little time as next week is our last full working week of working for HSB-ISD :( 

Rowan Locke

Après une semaine précédente chargée de sensibilisation, nous avons entamé cette semaine avec nos activités habituelles. Cependant quelques innovations ont été apportées. Les matinées de lundi et mardi ont été consacré au sport au CEFISE. Le mardi, juste après le sport nous avons procédé à l’achat de nouveaux équipements de sport pour les enfants à savoir des matelas de gym et de papier de conférence pour le travail au bureau. Aussi nous  avons  participé avec l’équipe de HSB à la distribution de prospectus dans la rue, pour mieux faire connaitre la structure HSB. Dès le mercredi, nous avons procédé à l’utilisation des matelas de gym avec les enfants du CEFISE…Ce fut un moment très apprécié ! Durant cette même journée, nous avons fait la dernière discussion en groupe sur le thème « paix et conflit » présenté par Jéhu et Iain ; Pour la petite histoire ce sont eux qui ont débuté ces séances : drôle de coïncidence !!! Cette journée s’est achevée sur une note positive à savoir une chaude séance d’entrainements avec l’équipe de basket de HSB. Journée très fatigante mais satisfaisante !!! 

Les  jeudi et vendredi nous avons procédé aux sessions de sport et aux séances d’art avec les enfants d’ABPAM. Ces enfants, en dépit de leur handicap ont fabriqué de beaux masques qu’on utilisera très bientôt lors de l’exposition avec eux… ce fut un moment très joyeux !!!  

Affaire à suivre…

Jehu Lamien

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