Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Man Down

To start the week off we were again in CEFISE bright and early to give a class (insert class) a sports lesson. Their excitement still shows every time we are there which is really nice to see and sparks us with more energy for the early starts!

Relay race at CEFISE

Gwladys overlooking beanbag tennis

The afternoon consisted of discussing and typing the Mid-term report, which was really useful in putting things into perspective of how much we have done so far but also how much we have left to do in so little time.

On Tuesday we spent the whole morning in CEFISE which included a sports session, our sign language lesson and finally an awareness raising lesson (CEFISE is really starting to feel like a second home now!)

We were a man down in the office as after CEFISE Iain went to the clinic not feeling too good, so he went for tests. This left Rowan, Mary, and Hassan to spend the afternoon in Ross’s house repairing broken equipment and building a balance beam so Mary can show off her expertise in gymnastics for all the children (as well as helping them hone their balancing skills)!

Hassan and Rowan taking measurements for the balance beam

Wednesday morning consisted of our regular visit to CEFISE for a sport session and sign language lesson. Thankfully we were back to a full team with Iain back from the clinic, however that was short lived, as soon as we had finished at CEFISE he was back at the clinic for his results. Unfortunately the doctor prescribed 4 days rest without work for Iain while more testing is needed.
Back at the office it was time for cultural exchange which Rowan led and gave an English lesson to the nationals on ‘The human body and the muscle and bones it consists of.’

Mary testing out the finished product!

Awareness-raising at Lycee Marien G
Due to May Day, Thursday was our last working day of the week. We started off our morning in ABPAM where we first did our sports lesson and it gave the children the first chance to use the new balance beam! After the session we carried on with our Arts and Crafts from last week; the children have now attached different items on their papier mach√© masks. From ABPAM we went straight to Marien G Lycee for another very successful awareness session and then back to the office for the nationals to provide a French lesson. Thursday afternoon, Mary and Rowan went to the wheelchair basketball training, where they spent two hours helping the team improve their skills. This sweaty session marked the end of the week – as Friday was a bank holiday here in Burkina and we arranged a day at the pool, collaborating with Tigoung Nonma to put on a show of artisanal goods and a fierce football match between the British and national volunteers, which the nationals won 3-1. Bring on the re-match!  

Rowan Locke

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