Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Week 6/ Semaine 6

This week at CEFISE we as a group decided that instead of having mixed activities during our sessions, we would base each one around a common sport; football. We had three different activities running, each focusing on a different aspect of football. Our first activity focused on dribbling - running with the football at your feet at close control around cones. Our next activity was a passing exercise, the children just had to receive the ball, control it and pass it back to the volunteer running the event. Finally we had a penalty shootout, which is pretty much self-explanatory, I (Iain) led this activity and felt that it went really well as it gave the children the chance to both test their shooting skills but also their ability to be in goal and stop their friends from scoring.
  We felt that by running the session like this, it would help develop multiple skills within our chosen sport, as we remembered back to our P.E lessons back in school, and how they were run, they focused on one sport at a time and it gave us as students the chance to realise firstly what sports we enjoyed taking part in and secondly what we were actually good at. Who knows we may just of helped the next Burkinabe football superstar realise their potential.

Gwladys and Jehu making a balance beam
This week Jehu, Gwladys and I went to Ross’ (Programme director) home, where we were able to use the tools he has there to make a balance beam which we have now to put to use at ABPAM. The way in which it has been put together means the children can develop their balance without the aid of anyone, which in turns helps them to develop their independence and teaches them that there is a lot they can do without having to rely on others.

On Friday we had a day long awareness raising festival at Lycee Marien N’Gouabi. Volunteers from HSB, HSB-ISD, Arche, and Tigoung Nonma all came together to organise this event. The day all in all went really well, Arche brought their expertise in disabled sport along with some really good activities which highlight the difficulties that people with mental disabilities face not only in sport but in everyday life, T-N had a stall showcasing many products of the highest quality which are all made by artisans with physical disabilities.

TN's stall
 My personal opinion is that this is by far the best and most successful event we have run so far as not only did we have the added help and experience of Arche and T-N, we also drew a huge audience, which continuously grew throughout the day which meant that more and more people were able to take part in the activities that we were running.

Rowan overlooking wheelchair table tennis
 The day ended with a game of wheelchair basketball which again drew an even larger crowd who all seemed to take to the occasion brilliantly, all cheering along with the game and making an atmosphere to rival that of a football match at Wembley.  At the half time break some of the volunteers along with a few children from the school got to try our own at the sport, surprisingly I found myself to be better at this than actual basketball. Here’s to the next opportunity I get to take part in a game.

Iain Powell

Cette semaine fut particulièrement chargée pour l’équipe de HSB /ISD avec  principalement au programme des séances de sport, une session d’art, et une participation à la grande sensibilisation du 08 mai au lycée Marien dénommée ‘’Ouaga event ‘’.
En ce qui concerne les séances de sport, je noterais que l’une des séances qui m’a beaucoup plut fut celle du mercredi 06 mai au CEFISE. C’était une séance au cours de laquelle il y avait divers jeux animés uniquement avec des ballons de football et de surcroit le constat était que les enfants ont mieux appréciés ladite séance par rapport aux autres.

Iain supervising the dribbling
Les volontaires et Ross ont tenu  une session  d’art avec les enfants de la maternelle et du CP à ABEPAM. Cette session fut laborieuse car les enfants étant petits n’arrivaient pas à comprendre les explications et à exécuter facilement et correctement les travaux mais tout sest tres bien passe.

Papier mache masks

Je noterais en plus que ce fut pour l’équipe de HSB/ISD un privilège de participer à la grande sensibilisation au Marien avec d’autres équipes telles que : ARCHE, TN et HSB. Elle consistait à faire une grande démonstration de sport inclusif avec au programme le tennis de table sur fauteuils roulants, le boccia, le goal Ball, la balance avec masque etc. les lycéens ont tellement appréciés les jeux qu’ils y ont participés activement. Ces différents jeux avaient pour but de faire comprendre aux lycéens et à la population que le ‘’manque’’ de handicap ­­(visuel, physique, intellectuel…) ne devrait pas être perçue comme un acquis, qu’être en situation de handicap pouvait arriver à tout le monde sans exception  et que le handicap ne constituait pas un frein à l’épanouissement des personnes vivant avec un handicap.
Cette sensibilisation a été par la suite clôturée par un grand match de handibasket  avec les joueurs de HSB.
Contente d’avoir contribué à changer  le regard et le raisonnement de certaines personnes vis-à-vis des personnes en situation de handicap !!!
Contente des activités menées et des objectifs atteints. On fonce seulement !!!!

Handibasket player
 Gwladys Zogona

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