Monday, July 13, 2015

Sport Pour Tous

Every morning this week we have been playing and teaching sport at CEFISE, a primary school dedicated towards children with hearing difficulties. Sport varied from gymnastics, one knee two knee, Football and tennis (and a side of French cricket). After quite a tiring morning we regrouped in the HSB office and spoke about whether we could continue doing sports activities within primary schools, though it was soon going to be the summer holidays for the children. We came up with the idea to create an after school sports club, and so the week was filled with various trips and phone calls to several primary schools around the area. 

Hannah with pupils of CEFISE at the closing ceremony
This week was also mainly surrounded around the concept of planning for future events. For instance, at the end of July we will be doing a summer sports camp lasting for five days and so we had many discussions and even slight disagreements on which activities we could do. In our minds we wanted this summer camp to be filled with various ‘sports day activities’ such as the 3 legged race and sack race. But on another note we also wanted the day to be filled with tough competitions such as Athletics which gives us the option to do many different types of track and field events such as Shot put and relay races.

On Thursday evening after work we participated with an organisation called ‘Sport Pour Tous’ (Sport for All) and there were easily around 200-300 people, and we were planted at the front row. Our team leader managed to speak for around 5 minutes about what we do to the rest of the crowd in order to raise awareness about the true meaning of what it is for everyone to be able to do sport. We did around an hour session of Aerobics, a lot of dancing and it was fairly exhausting! However, on a high note some of us managed to get on Television, had we known we would have shown off more moves.

The dance troop at CEFISE
Finally, on Saturday we were kindly invited to join CEFISE on their prize giving day. Everyone dressed to impressed, many of the young boys wore black stripped suits and the girls dressed like a princess for the day with bright colourful dresses and little high heels. During the ceremony and in between the prizes where the students received a new schoolbag filled with stationary, there were some shows put on for the parents. Some girls did some dancing, a couple sang some songs, one of the boys even sang the Alphabet and some children showed off their English skills by holding a conversation between them.

Nous sommes à la fin de la troisième semaine, cette semaine a été une semaine de dur labeur. C’était la semaine où nous avons du rechercher des nouveaux partenaires. C’est ainsi que nous sommes allés au Ministère des Sports et des Loisirs, lequel nous a invité le jeudi 2 juillet à une séance de ‘Sport pour Tous’, sur le plateau de Pissy. Donc, nous avons pu tisser un partenariat avec le Ministère et l’évènement auquel nous avons participé, nous a permis de nous faire connaître comme organisation HSB-ISD. Egalement, il faut noter qu’on a pu tisser un lien avec l’orphelinat d’AMPO.

Enfin, le samedi 4 Juillet, l’équipe a participé à la clôture de l’école CEFISE. Le groupe a montré des activités de sport inclusif aux parents d’élèves et, ensuite, les Team Leaders ont procédé à la remise des prix de fin d’année.

Moussa, Luca and Will


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